3 Femcees That Male Rappers Should Be Afraid Of

We all have our favourite rappers but most of the online debates are saturated with male emcees. I thought it would make a nice change to give some coverage to the ladies who have also been blessing the mic. Sometimes to greater effect than the fella’s.

Now I’m not talking about the predictable femcees from the 80’s and 90’s. For this post I wanted to present some of the lesser known but equally talented independent artists of the female persuasion that are currently ‘active’ on the scene.  And before all the “Minaj” dick ridah’s jump in screaming “Starships,” I couldn’t give a “Lil Kim” about you. This is a “HIP HOP” website, strictly for the Bahamadia’s and Lin-Que’s among us.

First up….

1. Narubi Selah

This one woman show swept through most of the east coast between 2000-and 2008 with her lyrical ability, claiming the much deserved title “Slam Queen”.  Prior to her 2008 debut on Russell Simmon’s Peabody Award Winning HBO Def Poetry Jam,  she has performed with such notable artists as Mos Def (Yassin Bey), KRS One, Lauryn Hill, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, and Styles P, just to name a few.  Narubi released her debut album “IAM LivingMath” in 2010, and her sophomore album “The Architect in 2012.

 2. StaHHr

The original F.E.M.C.E.E, Empress StaHHr is certainly no stranger to the scene.  She has been officially ripping mics for well over a decade under different aliases and worked with hip hop heavyweights such as MF DOOM, but in typical fashion she still hasn’t gotten the recognition she deserves from the wider hip hop world. You have to understand that StaHHr has earned her stripes. She hasn’t just dipped her toe in to the scene with a few candy rap songs, she has been out in the trenches in street cyphers and rap battles. Go up against this lyrical vixen unprepared and you will have your balls handed to you.

3. Sa-Roc

Sa-Roc is another Atlanta femcee who is at the forefront of the GodHop Movement. The effortless flow in which she delivers her rhymes will make you literally gasp in awe. The only reason I can think of why this girl hasn’t blown up already is simply down to the actual content of the songs. “Gates Of Ishtar and Code Of Hammurabi” may be just a little too obscure for the wider audience. Having said that, even the most culturally ignorant individual will find it impossible to deny her flawless lyrical ability.

best-female-rappersNow name your top femcees in the comments section below ⇓

  • D-Lepts

    the first mc is the shit, sheeeiiit!!!! Flames!!!!!

    I love the way she flows and her voice, she stands out for me. The vid is awesome, nice one, real cool.

    Fuck man. There all dope!!!!

  • Pav G

    Yo i didn’t know StaHHr was Angelika from that MF DOOM joint. Best femcees out right now!

  • jolo

    yesssss Sa Roc and Narubi are sooooooo amazing! adding a 4th to this list….

  • spoken rhythmz

    I cosign this 100%!!! Been a fan of all three of these dope ladies for yrs now. I would also like to add a fourth dope femcee

    • karlonji

      She went straight for the jugular lol!

      Thanks for the share fam

  • Delmar

    Holy shit that stahhr is a fuckin beast on the mic!!

    Never heard hear before but she might even be my new fav female mc!! All of em kill it tho!

  • Delmar

    Just listened to the whole video! Sa-Roc got crazy fast flow too!! Lyrics are sick! “Rebelions part of our code like double helix” Dammmn!

    What song is that from??

  • natural element RA

    im loving all three!how can i buy their meteral?

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  • WolfHawkJaguar

    Why do men have to be afraid of them, why can’t we love and support them. Dope is Dope. Please be conscious of your words. #NoDivision

    • Karl ‘JJ’ Smith

      I couldn’t agree more but sometimes a bold headline gets a better response. The end result is the same as you can see from the post. We 100% behind real talent. Peace fam

  • FL of Foodchain

    No Georgia Anne Muldrow?????? !!!!!! my favorite amongst the group

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  • Debbie Owusu

    be sure to check em out … on the come up

    • TheHipHopFoundation

      Always nice to see my fellow UK peeps puttin in work. Respect sister

      • Debbie Owusu

        much respect

      • Debbie Owusu

        thank you :)

  • Alpha Raw

    Crazzzzzzy dope!