Britcore Veterans Drop An Instant Classic – Dj Supreme: Ft. Curoc – R.I.P

What do you get when you combine a legendary Dj/producer with a veteran emcee from the Britcore era?

This is a very special post for me because it marks a strong return of the classic British hip hop sound I grew up on. Long before the Grime scene took hold, UK hip hop was ruled by fearsome rhyme crews like London Posse, Hijack and Gunshot. Each one encapsulating a style and lyrics reflective of the British landscape whilst still staying true to the cultural elements laid down by their hip hop peers across the pond. This unique brand of UK rap became lovingly known as “Britcore”. Recently two veterans of the Britcore golden era linked up and what they have produced is simply jaw dropping.

Dj Supreme formerly of Hijack recruited Curoc (Son Of Noise) and what they came up with is nothing short of an instant classic. This track is absolute hip hop perfection. Supreme has evidently kept his feet firmly planted in the old school, resisting any urge to switch his style for trend hits of today. Production is hard, frantic drums reminiscent of N.W.A‘s “Appetite for destruction” mixed with Eric B and Rakim’s “Know the Ledge”, and it’s laced throughout with silky cuts, courtesy of Renegade, Mada and Supreme. With a beat this good only a top level lyricist will do, and boy does Curoc bless this beat, attacking the track like a man possessed. Curoc was clearly in the zone, rhyming with sharp lyrical precision and relentless intensity which is so refreshing at a time when soft indecipherable rambles are the trend. As soon as you hear the beat firing up and Curoc’s hypnotic mean mugging stare you know something special is about to happen.

I first posted the R.I.P video on our Facebook page on the 7th August and the response has been excellent just as I predicted. A remix featuring additional artists has already dropped at the time I write this. Let’s hope this is just the start of a string of future collaborations. So break out your double goose and crank the volume up, were going back to the golden era with this one!

Taken from DJ Supreme’s single “Supreme Legacy V1.5”,  25th APRIL 2016

Directed by Pritt Kalsi w/ Andy Higgs (Tibba Media)

Produced and Mixed by DJ Supreme
Lyrics Written by Curoc
Scratches: DJs Mada, Supreme, Renegade

Executive Producers F.Aman and Naked Ape

Cover photo by: XzibitOnePhotography

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