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Troy Ave – New York City- Ft; Raekwon, Noreaga & Prodigy

I got excited when I first clocked this one on the Critical Beatdown Show. 

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave drops the first joint from his upcoming album New York City featuring Raekwon, Noreaga and Prodigy.

Production by way of John Scino, bringing a fusion of hard bap but with a sweet humming vocal looped over the track. It will dissolve in to your brain. Everyone went in on this joint.  This is straight NYC throwing it down. Troy sends out a slur at Kendrick Lamar, calling him a “weirdo rapper.” The gloves are coming off after Lamar labelled himself  “the King of New York” on Big Sean’s track “Control


Skyblew – The Background (Produced by Backdraft)

It could be my age catching up with me but I’m finding it hard to keep up with every little facet of the hip hop world. I don’t have the time or the patience  to go searching for gems the way I used to years ago. If it doesn’t land in my lap or I don’t stumble upon it then chances are the next big thing has come and gone in the time it’s taken me to blink. Luckily for me something special turned up in my inbox right out the blue, or should I say… “Blew”.

Mario Farrow aka Skyblew (for the unaware like myself) is a rapper from Chapel Hill, NC and up until this morning I had never heard of him but after listening to a few seconds of a track he submitted I instantly knew this kid was special. I dug a little deeper to see what I could uncover and it turns out that Skyblew has shared a stage or two with the likes of Kendrick Lamar,  Lupe Fiasco, Jean Grae, Jedi Mind Tricks, Camp Lo and even the ruler himself Slick Rick just to name a few! His style (from the little I’ve heard so far) reminds me of a fusion of Lamar, Ab-Soul and Lupe. His overall image bares the hallmarks of the hippie-hop scene but he has attached himself to what is referred to as NerdCore, (think Japanese anime Digimon meets De La Soul circa 1989).

Skyblew is often referred to as “breath of fresh air” and when you hear some of his tracks it’s easy to see why. It’s all about soulful conscious flows over silky smooth production. This is a welcome change from all the hard boom bap I’ve been playing recently…..Enjoy.

Wrath Of The Siafu – Various Artists (Music Video)

Here we have a track of epic proportions! Some of Atlanta’s finest emcees came out in force to deliver a ‘sonic-boom’ of a track! After only a couple of listens it is fast becoming a personal favourite of mine and is sure to be a classic!

“A Sonic-Boom of a Track”

Wrath of the Siafu is the first release from the soundtrack to the up coming documentary “Organizing is the new cool” and features a solid line up of independent artists including;  Zayd Malik, El Sun, Ekundayo, Methuzulah, Mike Flo, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, FluxWonda, Isreal, Sa Roc, Chosen and StaHHr.

This gathering of 11 microphone warriors is the symbolic representation of the documentary it’s associated with.  The track opens with an introduction to the ‘African Siafu ant’ that I found very reminiscent of “Da Lench Mob’s” 1992 classic “Guerillas in the mist” which used a similar type intro from a David Attenborough documentary.  This really add’s to the theme and set’s the backdrop for when the rhymes drop in, and man do they drop! Just a few seconds in to the first verse and it quickly becomes clear that your listening to  something truly special.

The song is currently being offered as a FREE download so you really don’t have any excuses not to sample this modern classic. I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Produced by Dynamite Bruhz Cutz by DJ Presyce Recorded, Mixed by Amond Jackson for Salem Psalms LLC

About the Siafu

The Siafu is the logo of community activists’ organization FTP Movement, an artistic representation of the Siafu Ant of Eastern Africa, a species that exemplifies the essence of teamwork. The Siafu has no eyes and no venom – only strong jaws. Individually each is small, but as a team they can strip a water buffalo down to the bone in less than an hour. FTP Movement is much like the Siafu Ant – small in size, but powerful beyond measure.

Price – Dear N***A (Produced By Confidence)

Hailing from Boston’s gritty section of Dorchester, one of the inner city’s most violent and drug infested areas, Price (aka Price Stylez) drops his first official single “Dear N***a” (prod. by Confidence) from his as of yet untitled LP which will be released in 2014 by Ill Adrenaline Records.

Upon deciding to focus on his music and not the streets, Price began performing in local clubs as well as the legendary “Strand Theatre” where many acts from inside and outside of Boston would come to grace the stage. He also dropped a few mixtapes and made an impression on local hip-hop heads like Mal Moe, who introduced his talents to Confidence (of Rashad/Purpose & Confidence), an already proven producer under the NJ based indie label Ill Adrenaline Records, that released a bunch of critically acclaimed albums and singles by Rashad & Confidence, Purpose & Confidence, 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi), Beneficence, The Legion, The Purist & Roc Marciano, Neek The Exotic, Da Beatminerz and The Regiment. Now armed with authentic and soulful boom-bap production courtesy of Confidence and backing from Ill Adrenaline Records, Price is set to deliver a classic offering to the masses.

I was lucky enough to be given an exclusive first listen to this track when Boston producer Confidence hit me up to do a re-touch for the controversial cover art. Now it’s officially here for your listening pleasure