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Snowgoons Team Up With Big Twins and Hex One For A Split Video Feature

Highly respected German production outfit, Snowgoons team up with QB Legend Big Twins (Infamous Mobb) and Miami’s Hex One of Epidemic, for this dope split video feature, “It’s A Queens Thing/Tight Team“.

Big Twins features in the first half of the video against the famous QB housing projects back drop, at 42nd Street. Hex One’s performance was out in Berlin/Germany. Check out the cuts from DJ Danetic. Latest Snowgoons album Goon Bap out now.


The Rubber Peeple Put A New Spin On A “Smoothe Da Hustler” Classic

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Back in 1995, Brownsville’s own Smoothe Da Hustler rocked the underground scene with his self released debut single “Broken Language”. The track was an instant anthem among fans and featured as a hip hop quotable in the November 1995 edition of the Source magazine. The track is noted for it’s creative play on words. The unusual arrangement in which the lyrics are delivered make it one of the most original rap songs of all time.


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Fast forward a couple of decades and it’s evident that the song still resonates with today’s artists. Unlike most rap songs, Broken Language has a unique structure and arrangement, meaning that even if you completely change every lyric, the song will still resemble something like the original. This gives the track almost limitless potential for “reinvention”. And that’s exactly what Norfolk, Virginia hip hop duo, “The Rubber Peeple” did with their 2017 retake of the golden era classic!

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When Was The Last Time You Heard HipHop This Infectious? Hassan Haze – “Havin A Ball”

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this track from Cali based artist Hassan Haze, The first 5 seconds after hitting play, it kind of reminded me of a slowed down version of “Jump” by dancehall duo RDX. But then the beat dropped in fully and the song suddenly morphed in to something so infectious that I was smiling from ear to ear. It was at this point that I thought to myself, “when was the last time I heard a track that was both uplifting and super infectious at the same time?”. I listen to a lot of hip hop and I get sent a TON of hip hop daily, but the last time I heard a genuine spaz-out, feel good anthem, with tight-ass production like this, was probably The Rubber Peeple’s “Dee Dah Dat“. You knocked this one out the park Hassan, maximum props.


Press Release ( – LOS ANGELES – Mar 21, 2017

Stream the album: Neteru Muses 

Connect with Hassan: Facebook, Twitter

Lead Track From New Realz Album Is A Priceless Hip Hop Jewel That You Must Hear

Realz (formally I-Realz), is probably NY’s best kept secret. A white rapper, but unlike your stereotypical Caucasian battle rhymer, Realz is more akin to RZA than Eminem. This is especially evident in his lyrical content, as he interlaces abstract, metaphysical concepts to create vivid street analogies, and all with a razor sharp flow and witty delivery.

I first heard Realz on a track called “Solar Flarez”, featuring Cannibal Ox heavyweight and fellow Crimson God, Vast Aire. From that moment I was a fan. Realz is the kind of emcee outside the golden era that could be entrusted to carry the culture in to the next decade, and I think he has the persona to reach a wide audience without diluting a drop of integrity.

Now on to the main feature of this post. “Put Jewels On It” is the lead track taken straight from Realz new  album, “Blue Lion Chamber,” which he dropped on us earlier this month. The track, is produced by Wu Tang affiliate producer, “Falling Down”, and features a blazing verse from Vast Aire and some majestic cuts from DJ Afar.

This could quite literally be one of the greatest hip hop tracks you are ever likely to hear, as the chances of stumbling on a track this good in a social media sea of musical mediocrity are slim. Enjoy….

Grab a copy of Blue Lion Chamber

JABEE – “Tried So Hard”

Emmy award-winning Oklahoma City rapper Jabee presents the Todd Beats-directed music video for “Tried So Hard”, the Phen-produced single from Black Future, his new album featuring Chuck D, Brother Ali and Killer Mike as well as production from J57, Hannibal King and M Stacks. In 2013 Jabee released his album Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt (iTunes) on Murs’ 3:16 label. Jabee was already one of URB Magazine’s Next 1000 when his DJ Vadim-produced Blood Is The New Black mixtape dropped in 2008. His Must Be Nice mixtape collaboration with Terry Urban and Mick Boogie featured Green Lantern, 9th Wonder and Blu and Oddisee.

His 2011 Lucky Me mixtape clocked 40,000 downloads. Jabee contributed a track to the official Boondocks Season 3 mixtape, and won an Emmy for his writing and performance in a commercial for Science Museum Oklahoma (watch). Jabee was a vocal and focal point for a leading role in the new NIKE x Kevin Durant commercial “The Baddest“. In 2014 Jabee was invited to Shade 45 in NYC to be featured and interviewed by Sway of “Sway in The Morning” (watch). Chuck D of Public Enemy says “Jabee’s music has the potential to change the world.” Jabee says the song is about “me dealing with my insecurities, my faults and how people will kick you not knowing that you are already beating yourself up inside. The video is a picture of that and how you still need to be able to smile through it all.”


Not many people in this game get the pleasure of a Hi Tek beat, but Boston MC and EMS crew frontman M-Dot did it. This one has a real Madlib vibe, and M unloads some real food for thought.

Album drops January 27 with Method Man, Marley Marl, Large Professor and more. This dude has an amazing amount of respect in this game to be able to get together names like these.

The Dialysis Catalog By Know-It

Cambridge Ontario Canada Producer Know-It aka Jason Young has been sampling and creating hip hop beats since the early 90’s. For the last 12 years he has been doing it off and on while on life support in the form of Kidney Dialysis. Know-It recently released an album of songs featuring various artists called ” The Dialysis Catalog“. The fact that he even managed to produce this collection while on Dialysis is amazing in its self but to be doing it on this level with artist on it like Juno award winning rapper Tona, 4 time Juno nominee D-Sisive , Sharky , D.O , 9th Uno and many more leaves you to wonder where Know-It would be if it wasn’t for his day to day struggles.

Check out the album: The Dialysis Catalog

Instagram : @knowitgotbeats

Quadir Lateef Brings God Hop To Ruff Ryders

It was way back in 2014 when one my brethren from across the pond, Amir of A. Bey Management,  hit me up about a new artist he had been promoting by the name of Quadir Lateef.

Lateef was not a familiar name to me at the time but Amir seemed really hype about him and was keen for me to set up an interview with him. Long story short, I checked out some of his work and I was immediately impressed. A New York native and affiliate of the God Hop movement, Quadir chose to adopt a conscious sound at a time when a lot of his New York peers where influenced by Southern trappin.

Quadir is a straight lyricist through and through. We may be living in a time when every man and his dog can spit bars but Lateef has that extra element that’s missing from so many of todays back pack rappers…..FLOW!

So he got the flow and the vocal melody to boot, and standing at what appears to be upwards of 6 and half feet tall he got that stage presence too. I’m thinking this guy could do some serious damage on the scene and the way he spits you can tell he’s finna-eat up an emcee or two.

We exchanged a couple of short messages but the interview never materialized. I do see Quadir’s name crop up  on my timeline from time to time so I’ve been watching him develop from the sidelines.

Just recently I noticed a video with Quadir draped in official Ruff Ryders attire. It appears DMX has taken him firmly under his arm.

H.N.I.C, an acronym for “Hip Hop Needs Immense Change”, is Lateef’s debut under the Ruff Ryders flag, and boy does he go fully in. It almost feels like he’s breathed new life in to the Ruff Ryders brand as he completely owns the video in every sense of the word.  Looks like hip hop is already getting it’s immense change. Check it out.

Cover image by: Ridwan Adhami – RidzDesign