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CHOICE – The Big Payback

Kim Davis, better known as Choice is often overlooked when it comes to listing female rappers, but she was the first to set the trend of highly seX-rated lyrics from the female perspective long before Foxy Brown and Lil Kim popularized it.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, she moved to Houston, Texas and signed to James Pince’ Rap-A-Lot Records after making an appearance on Willie D’s 1989 album Controversy. In 1990 she released her debut album ‘The Big Payback’ which is filled with graphic stories of her erotic sexcapades. The album peaked at #46 on the Top R&B/HipHop Albums chart but made little long term impact despite featuring a bizarre and controversial diss track called Pay Back,  that was aimed at N.W.A, Too Short and her own label mates the Get Boys, in particular Willie D. Choice went on to release a follow up album in 1992 called ‘Stick N’ Move’ which topped out at #83 in the charts.

In more recent years Choice has attracted a small ‘cult’ following among the gay and lesbian community.

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