The Dialysis Catalog By Know-It

Cambridge Ontario Canada Producer Know-It aka Jason Young has been sampling and creating hip hop beats since the early 90’s. For the last 12 years he has been doing it off and on while on life support in the form of Kidney Dialysis. Know-It recently released an album of songs featuring various artists called ” The Dialysis Catalog“. The fact that he even managed to produce this collection while on Dialysis is amazing in its self but to be doing it on this level with artist on it like Juno award winning rapper Tona, 4 time Juno nominee D-Sisive , Sharky , D.O , 9th Uno and many more leaves you to wonder where Know-It would be if it wasn’t for his day to day struggles.

Check out the album: The Dialysis Catalog

Instagram : @knowitgotbeats