Why DJ Ready Red Was Edited Out The “Mr Scarface Is Back” Album Cover

Mr. Scarface Is Back , the debut solo album that set Scarface on the way to becoming the most prolific artist of all the previous 9 members of the Geto Boys. Released in October 1991, the album managed to reach 13 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart gaining it gold status. The iconic album cover image is noted for being as notorious as the songs contained within. The action shot featuring Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick in a mock ‘drug deal gone wrong’ was so well executed that it gives the impression it was taken straight from the still of a movie reel. The image also contains a not so well known secret. The dark skinned, bearded fella in the center with his hands in a mound of cocaine is actually former Geto Boys member  DJ Ready Red.

The current and official album cover

Above- The current Mr Scarface Is Back album cover

For the past 24 years this obscure edited version of Ready Red has graced the Mr Scarface album sleeve and due to the circumstances of Reds exit from the Geto Boys and his strained relationship with Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince it’s likely to stay that way.

Original Mr Scarface Is Back album cover before Dj Ready Red was edited out

Above – The original Mr Scarface Is Back album cover before Dj Ready Red was edited. In this picture you can also see John Bido to the right holding the pump with Steve Salinas just behind him.

The Hip Hop Foundation recently caught up with Ready Red and asked him about his memories of the album. He had this to say

“That blackout took place after I left the Geto Boys. I don’t know if they [Rap-A-Lot] ever released any records before the blackout was done but if they did it would be very rare. Not sure who was responsible for editing me out but most likely J since I said fuck him! Same thing with We Can’t Be stopped, no production credit! Remember I was made the example of crossing J.”     DJ READY RED

scarface original cover