Dr. Octagon – Dr. Octagonecologyst – (Kool Keith) 1996

The album is almost 20 years old yet it sounds as relevant and new as anything released in today’s so called Hip Hop market! Futuristic sounding, dirty beat yielding, intelligent wordplay, a hip hop album classic. For me, it makes me smile “more ways to blow blood cells in your face, react with four bombs and six fire missiles, armed with seven rounds of space doo doo pistols” I have no idea kool-keithwhat that line is about or if it even means anything at all but just listening to it again as I write this reminds me of Kool Keith’s abilities and originality.

Throughout this album Kool Keith is introducing you to a “dark alien comic type doctor a misogynistic coloured afro sporting charlaton” through his dirty lyrics and filthy sexually charged skits. The way he broadcasts his message transports you right into his warped world of halfsharkalligatorhalfman and moosebumps examples of Kool’s skilful literate invention.

If you are of a prudish nature or easily offended what I would say is do not buy this album, avoid it, if it comes on when you are around leave, go to your nearest music shop, online store, or wherever you get music and buy the “instrumental version”! I’m not kidding because if lyrics ain’t your thing the beats on this album will not disappoint!

If or when you get this album remember the artwork is just as important when visiting your local backstreet ‘gynaecologist’ but remember those prudes at that ‘fruit shaped’ music store won’t let you have that original cover so we have kindly put the original on this article for all you heavy weight hip hop heads!

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  1. A deep meaningful insight to what was and still is a timeless classic masterpiece of the hip hop genre.

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