Kim Davis aka MC Choice, was the original hardcore female rapper long before Lil Kim came with it. She got her break in 1989 when she featured on Willie Dee’s, “I Need Some Pussy,” from the ‘soon to be’ Geto Boy’s Controversy album.  Not long after James Prince gave her a deal with Rap-A-Lot records and in 1990 she released her debut album The Big Payback. Overall  the album was a pretty good offering, but went largely unnoticed amongst the wider audience. What didn’t go unnoticed was a diss track called “Payback”, aimed at Too Short, N.W.A, and bizarrely her own label mates The Geto Boys, in particular Willie D. Talk about ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.

Here’s what Willie D had to say about the situation in an interview with James Bernard in the October 1992 edition of The Source:

“Yeah she’s down with Rap-A-Lot, but she ain’t down with Willie D. She dissed me – you didn’t know that, did you? She had an album called The Big Payback which had a song called “Payback” where she dissed me, The Geto Boys, Ice Cube, Too $hort and NWA.”

Willie D

The song is actually a pretty good diss track that deserves to be up there with the best of them from the same era. She unleashes a humiliating assault on everybody with perhaps the exception of Mc Ren.

“Talkin’ bout bald head hoes ain’t nice, when you’re mama can’t even roll her hair with rice”


As you can imagine it wasn’t long before Choice would have to answer for her outburst, and it didn’t take “the clean up man” Willie D long to put all remains of the short lived beef to rest with a vicious and ‘laugh out loud’ diss track called “Little Hooker,” taken from his 1992 album “Going Out Lika Soldier”.  Willie systematically tears Choice apart with ruthless ferocity.

“Your granny was a hoe, your momma was a hoe and then came you/And if I looked up the rest of your family roots I’d find nothing but some bitches and prostitutes.”

Willie D

Little Hooker has to go down in history as one of the greatest diss records of all time, as he quite literally destroys any hope of  CHOICE making a comeback. It may not be the most lyrically technical track but you ain’t going to get subliminal’s when dealing with Willie. He’s just going to give you both barrels of the gun in as vivid a way as can be depicted on a record.