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Forgotten Beefs – DJ Quik VS MC Eiht

For this installment of the Forgotten Beefs series, we bring in the heavy weights. Way back in the late 80’s and early 90’s the diss war between Compton rappers, Dj Quik and Mc Eiht was so epic that only 2Pac & Biggie could rival it in terms of it’s seemingly serious nature. But how did the longest running beef in hip hop history start? and how did it end?

The History

The origins of the Mc Eiht Dj Quik beef comes down to a line in a track called “Real Doe,” taken from Quik’s mix tape, “The Red Tape“, that he put out in the late 80’s.

The red tape

“ I’m on my way to the top of the tree, for C.M.W to see ”


DJ Quik was a ‘Tree Top Piru’ Blood and Mc Eiht was associated with the 159th St, Tragniew Park, Compton-Crips. It was this ambiguous line from Quik and his decision to call his mix tape “The Red Tape” that was interpreted by C.M.W’s Mc Eiht and N.W.A’s Eazy E, (also a Crip affiliate) as shots fired. Interestingly it was Eazy E who offered Quik a one-million dollar advance in 1990 when he was experiencing problems with his contract at Profile records. But Profile began to send ‘cease and desist’ letters to prevent any potential deal from taking pl;ace with Ruthless records. Eazy and Quik did eventually go on to collaborate on the Penthouse Players Clique project in 92.

its a compton thing album cover

The retaliation came by way of CMW’s Debut album “It’s A Compton Thang”, but unlike Quik’s fairly subtle and possibly even unintentional dig at CMW,  there was no mistaking who Mc Eiht and Tha Chill were referring to in the track “Duck Sick,” even though no actual name was mentioned.

“No competition, dissin, boy, you need to be slapped, Eiht ain’t no punk, so learn it Quik Oh yes, p.s., C.M.W., and you can get my duck sick”


” I don’t believe it, how the hell’d you get on wax? Makin demos on your tape deck tracks, you did a show, and I heard it was wack You tossed our records, think I tossed right back “


Eiht and CMW struck again the following year in 1991 with their ‘Straight Check N’ Em album’. This was also the album that introduced Eiht’s long running ‘Def Wish’ series to the world. The first Def Wish took a line from the original ‘Duck Sick’ track but this time Eiht added the “Quik” reference to the end.

“ So give up to the Compton psycho, Biting me quick will mean you get the duck sick….. Quik ”


What I find strange is that when asked about the beef in past interviews Mc Eiht claims that non of the tracks prior to CMW’s third studio album “Music To Driveby” were aimed at Quik because he didn’t know who he was at that time. If this is true then that means Def Wish 1 is nothing more than a generic rap song and the first Duck Sick must have just been a freakish coincidence with what seemed like littered Quik references throughout. Here is an extract from an Mc Eiht Interview with MurderDogMagazin.”

“I don’t know how it started for him but on my end it started when I had my second album out. I had a song called “Def Wish”. On the song I had the phrase that say “Biting me quick, will mean you get the duck sick quick”. I never knew nothing about no DJ Quik, but there was an actual DJ Quik. He was a Blood affiliate and I was a Crip affiliate and we were both from Compton. My DJ Mike-T who was a Blood got a copy of the tape. He played it for me. This was after the Def Wish song was already out. Naturally people were going to take that tape and my song and combine the two. People were like” Oh he dissed you on a street tape and you turned around and dissed him on the record”. It all got blown way out. Then he made a comment on his next record and I made a comment on my next record. It went crazy for awhile. I did a video about him.”

mc eiht burning dj quiks compton jacket
Mc Eiht burns a DJ Quik’s Compton jacket in a music video

For unknown reasons Quik failed to respond to Eiht on his 91 debut ‘Quik Is The Name’ It would be another year before Quik would finally address Eiht on his ‘1992 album, ‘Way 2 Fonky’. He disses Eiht and Bronx Emcee Tim Dog on the title track and then comes at Eiht again on the albums outro ‘Tha Last Word’.

“ The producer get funky down to the last ounce, And I’m creative too – so I don’t need “Mo’ Bounce”
But to you suckas in my city claimin’ I got a “Def Wish”, You should try again fool, you ain’t hittin’ near this,
Them wack ass tracks, make you sound like a monkey, Just a shot in the dark, from a punk-ass mark who ain’t Fonky ”

C.M.W – Music To Driveby (1992)

Mc Eiht came back hard that same year with C.M.W’s greatest album to date music to driveby‘Music To Drive By‘ which saw Eiht dissing Quik over three of the albums 18 tracks, ‘Duck Sick II’, ‘Dead Men Tell No Lies’ and ‘Def Wish II’. In my opinion he gave Quik way too much airtime and should have got the job done in one take but the tracks are straight dope regardless and who could forget the Def Wish II video with the Dj Quik actor getting chased down in a nightmare by Eiht, Mike T and the rest of N.O.T.R.

dj quik and mc eiht beef
Mc Eiht – We Come Strapped (1994)

Surprisingly it would take Quik another 2 years to deliver a response as he was tied up working on his third album and experiencing more label turbulence. Meanwhile Mc Eiht was at the peak of his game, fresh off the set of ‘Menace II Society’ and gearing up to drop the hardest Def Wish of all…. ‘Def Wish III’.

“Cos you ain’t too Quick to get dead Quik, your just another punk ass bitch talkin bullshit…arrrh. It’s time to bail, lick my nuts like a stamp, before yo ass breaks camp, you gets fucked like a tramp,…….named David, they should call ya silly Billy, mark-ass n***a gets rolled like a philly. And you don’t wanna see me,….. Dj Quik in a khaki bikini”


Up until that point all the diss tracks felt more entertaining than anything serious but Def Wish III took it to another level. In fact Eiht was in the zone for the entire ‘We Come strapped’ album. Everything that he spit and the way he delivered each verse made you feel like he really meant what he was saying. He was the complete personification on wax of his character ‘A Wax” in Menace II Society. You have to understand that at this point Quik was at rock bottom. His record contract was in pieces and a large section of his core audience wasn’t buying his records, especially Crip members. Eiht’s records and music video campaign’s had such a damaging effect that even shows had to be cancelled.

I remember thinking that even if Quik did come back he was unlikely to make an impact. I would soon be eating my words. As Eiht kept applying the pressure Quik kept a low profile in the lab working on his album and also some other projects for Death Row records. He started working with Suge Knight again. Their relationship dates back to 1988, when he was signed to Suge’s short lived independent label Funky Enough Records. Then in mid October 1994, Death Row put out ‘Murder Was The Case‘, a short Movie Staring Snoop Dogg and directed by Dr Dre. The soundtrack to the movie contained Dj Quik’s epic Mc Eiht diss track ‘Dollaz + Sense’ which was the antidote for the Def Wish series and the ultimate death blow to secure overall victory.

dj quik safe and sound album cover
DJ Quik – Safe + Sound (1994)

“I never had my dick sucked by a man befo’, But you gon be the first you little trick ass hoe
Then you can tell me just how it taste, But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face, you fuckin coward, tremblin like a nervous wreck, 
Cos’ when I caught your ass, you put yourself in check, And when you left my presence, you left speedy’in, You ain’t no fuckin killer, youse a comedian, bi-yatch”


“Tell me why you act so scary, Givin your set a bad name wit your misspelt name, E-I-H-T, now should I continue, Yeah you left out the G cause the G ain’t in you”


Most rap fans, (even the die-hard Mc Eiht fans) are in agreement that Quik was the overall victor just off that one track alone, but what made the record sting even more, was the fact Dj Quik performed it live at the 1995 Source awards for the whole world to hear.

Dollaz + Sense was a taster of what was in store on Quik’s next album ‘Safe & Sound’ which he released the following year In February 1995, and also contained a new diss track  “Let You Havit,” as well as the infamous ‘Dollaz N Sense’. Things seemed to stay quiet for some time after that until Mc Eiht made a return in April 1996 with ‘Death Threatz’, a new album that contained the final installment in the Def Wish series. Eiht should probably have left it as a trilogy. Def Wish IV was a hard track but after over half a decade of feuding the beef had clearly ran it’s course.

The Ceasefire

The diss records stopped coming around 1997 but the grudge continued on till around 2002. That’s when Eiht and Quik seemed to stop publicly cussing each other. Then eventually it was Snoop, Daz and them that acted as diplomats in bringing the historic beef to a close.

quik eiht end beef war

who won the beef war? Eiht or Quik? leave a comment 

7 thoughts on “Forgotten Beefs – DJ Quik VS MC Eiht”

  1. Eiht never did anything that hit as hard as Dollaz, listen to Quiks diss trax on anyone, House Of Pain, Everlast, his own sista, and the hardest one of all, his own best friend AMG, Get At Me, he is perhaps one of the greatest, if not thee greatest diss track king of all time!

  2. You forgot about Dj Quik’s diss track called Boom, even tho it was unreleased, it still made funny comments about Mc Eiht.

  3. Dollaz and Sense was a great track in spite of all the diss track crap, not because of it. Eiht came out “ahead” on sheer laceration and volume (it didn’t help Quik that he was forever beefing with multiple other rappers, including Everlast), but mostly it’s an illustration of what a waste of time and talent “beefing” was. Imagine what these guys could have given the world working together in all those lost years.

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