Geto Boys – Grip It! On That Other Level – (Ghetto Boys – Rare OOP)

Grip It! On That Other Level is the second studio album by the Houston hip hop group, Geto Boys (then known as Ghetto Boys), released on March 12, 1989 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Following the disappointing results of the group’s first album, Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince replaced two of the group members with Scarface (then known as Akshen) and Willie D, who joined original members Bushwick Bill and DJ Ready Red. Recording for the album began in 1988, and finished in early 1989. The majority of the album’s tracks were produced by DJ Ready Red, and much of the album’s lyrical content deals with violent and misogynistic topics, which would later be credited for pioneering the horrorcore hip hop sub-genre.

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Upon its 1989 release, Grip It! On That Other Level reached number 166 on the Billboard 200 chart, and number 19 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. The song “Do it Like it G.O.” was the album’s only single used for promotion. Grip It! was well received in the hip hop community, and was considered to be the group’s breakout album, as it gave them national exposure and eventually sold 500,000 copies. A year after its release, super-producer Rick Rubin remixed 10 of its tracks for the 1990 remix album The Geto Boys. In 1998, The Source magazine included Grip It! On That Other Level on their 100 Best Albums list, and in 2002, they gave it the perfect five mic’ rating.

The very first pressings of the album featured the original and grammatically correct spelling of the groups name “Ghetto Boys” which would later be changed to the more familiar “Geto Boys” spelling.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]ALBUM FACT: The bottom of the album cover contains the message – “Dedicated to the memory of NC Trahan”. NC was a friend of the groups who was shot and killed outside a gas station during the video shoot for Raheems “Dance Floor”.[/dropshadowbox]


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