HIP HOP ELITISM – Do you have a New York state of mind?

If you thought the discriminatory and biased attitudes towards artists outside the east coast hip hop scene had been buried in the 90’s, think again. Hip hop snobbery is alive and well, and you don’t have to be from New York to be a “hip hop elitist”.

Hip Hop Elitism – Do you have symptoms?

You constantly bitch about how the south killed hip hop.

When a dope underground mc that you dig gets some mainstream exposure you revert to saying he’s wack and a sell out and you stop fucking with them.

You only like conscious hip hop music.

You automatically assume everybody outside the East Coast is dumb.

You will only attend hip hop shows that contain all four elements of hip hop.

You don’t leave the house without a backpack filled with East Coast classics and an MPC, incase you need to prove in the street how much of a hip hop purist you are.

The only Ice Cube album you recognise or possess is Amerikkkas Most Wanted because it was produced on the East Coast.

When you participate in a hip hop debate you believe that your opinion is gospel.

Every beat you listen to has to be boom bap and have Dj Premier or Pete Rock in the credits.

You erase Scarface, The Geto Boys and the rest of the southern classics from hip hop history.

West Coast G Funk gets no love either and is labelled as “Gangster Shit” which to you is wack even though a lot of the East Coast classics rep gangsterism in some way, shape or form. You make the excuse that it is mafioso and even though it contains the same sex, money, drugs and violence you are still able to give it a pass. (Reference Biggie, Kool G Rap, Krs One, Mobb Deep, Schoolly D and so on).

You would never admit that you were bumpin The Chronic in 92 and Doggystyle in 93.

You believe their are no conscious, lyrical beasts outside of New York.

You have to mention at some point of the day that hip hop started in the Bronx.

You moan about how everybody else ruined hip hop even though ya’ll sold it out to corporations for money.

You Act like today’s hip hop fashion is unacceptable, even though Biggie, Puff, Mase and Jay Z introduced gay fashion designers to hip hop culture.

When a topic comes up about slept on albums, you have to pull out the most obscure album from someone like Chubb Rock that never got released but you just happen to have a rare promo or bootleg of it that very few people could of possibly heard of.

If it wasn’t recorded at D&D it can’t be “REAL HIP HOP” and you don’t fuck with it.

You act like your knowledge of hip hop is unparalleled because you are able to hold your own in a chat on the Internet with some kids.


You hate the fact that your favourite mc’s go to Europe to get love and you always have to pretend that this isn’t true

You can’t comprehend that mainstream hip hop music does not exist anymore so you got to spend some time online daily fighting the cause and talkin shit about Wayne, Drake, Ross and the rest of them fluff rappers.

I’m from the UK and I don’t really know what goes on in America. This whole list was based on some of the things I have read on forums and Facebook pages over the years. It’s obviously a little exaggerated and shows how easy it is to judge and form stereotypes of hip hop heads from all walks of life. Even from the place where it all began. This article is meant to be light hearted fun, but if you really are a TRUE elitist as described here, then I’m sure you will find it hard not to catch feelings 😉


2 thoughts on “HIP HOP ELITISM – Do you have a New York state of mind?”

  1. This was hilarious. Proud to say I’m not or never was an elitist. I was a lil’ bias back in the days, b/c most of the artists I played came from the East mostly b/c I preferred their style & the soul samples. But I still loved some Ice T, Shy D, Cube & Scarface in the 80’s & early 90’s.

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