Hip Hop Producer “Confidence” Opens Online Virtual Beat School

Boston based hip hop producer Confidence recently set up a virtual online beat making school to help aspiring producers regardless of their location.


“The purpose of the School of Confidence is to provide students who are aspiring producers and upcoming beatmakers a chance to diversify their talents and arm themselves with techniques to help them stand out amongst a sea of talent in the hip hop world. Contests and incentives will also be provided to offer motivation and instant feedback on students work. I have forged relationships with various labels and artists/producers to help you grow your talent. All students will be treated equally and fairly. This is a learning environment for all who wish to take their career in music to new heights.”

The actual launch date of the school is this upcoming May 2013. More information to follow soon along with an official video.


confidence-beatsConfidence. The name can refer to several ideas and concepts. Apply it to the world of beat-making and you have a term that exudes high standards and carefully composed compositions. What a fitting name for a hip hop producer who has just that! Confidence was born in Philly back in ’77 so he’s no stranger to classic sounding hip hop and authentic street anthems. Living only a couple of hours away …South from the mecca of hip hop, Confidence began a found fascination of hip hop at age 9 when a good friend of his let him listen to a tape of RUN-DMC and L.L. Cool J. From that point on you could consider it a wrap. As the years went by, other groups came into the picture of course. “I remember when I first listened to EPMD and Big Daddy Kane. My life changed from there.”When Confidence was around 16 back in 1993, his brother decided to cop some Technic 1200’s the first summer he started working. If you couple that with hundreds of hip hop records, the beginning stages of Confidence’s career was about to take off. After dabbling with scratching for a while, sampling came into the picture. Bob James was a big influence and after copping one of his albums, “Heads,” the sample game was next in line. From there, it was all about a 4 second Gemini sampler and some records/drum breaks to get an understanding of how hip hop music was produced. This would provide Confidence with the framework on where he is today.

In 1998 Confidence moved to Boston to try music school and to be with his girl. Music school didn’t amount to anything but in 2001 Confidence was able to purchase an MPC 2000xl which he still uses today to craft out original tracks. At that point, all the knowledge he had built up over the years was about to be applied. Making good, quality music didn’t happen over night. In fact, Confidence feels his music didn’t really start shining until 2004-2005. “It keeps getting better with every beat you make. You just need to stay at it and believe in yourself. If you have talent, they will come.”

During the year of 2002, Confidence got his first placement with Boston’s original founding member of The Almighty RSO, E-Devious on his first solo album. Three beats were selected for this epic record which stood to be all stand-out tracks. After this period other placements came about. Confidence has recorded and made beats for Beneficence, Rampage, M-DOT, Twice Thou (E-Devious), Big Shug, Last Emperor, Jaysaun, Slaine, Wise Intelligent, Elemental Zazen, Tulsi, Naeem Oba, The Camp and other artists local and a far.

At the end of 2010, Confidence released a 16 track remix album of 90’s classics. This album was received with open arms and has gotten a lot of attention from people far and wide. With over 6,000 downloads and features on and, Confidence’s work is finally getting the praise it deserves. One of the biggest breaks for Confidence came in 2011 when he linked up with the CEO of Ill Adrenaline Records who has a recording artist by the name of Beneficence. He put out one of the top underground records for 2011. With heavyweight appearances and features, Confidence has aligned himself as a producer on the label for future projects with Beneficence and others. Be on the look out as major moves are being made for this aspiring producer.

2011 is the year of Rashad & Confidence. Rashad linked up with Confidence online after listening to one of his remix tracks off of Recon. From there the two discussed doing more than just recording a track. A classic was in the works and after numerous months of putting in work and crafting masterpieces, “The Element of Surprise” was made. This epic record hits worldwide November 29th, 2011…Distributed through Fatbeats and put out by Ill Adrenaline Records. Please be sure to look out for that and support that authentic hip hop. This album will have both physical copies as well as digital downloads available…

Stay tuned because the future proves to be even better for Confidence as he continues to climb his way up the rap charts while continuing to work with legends in the game and developing new artists as well.


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