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Hopsin Mocks Mumbling Rappers In “No Words” Music Video

If your an emcee trying to raise your profile, then producing lyrical gibberish could be your best strategy, as deadlocked Hopsin found out with his latest video, “No Words” which pokes fun at today’s incoherent rappers. In the 2 minute parody which took less than 15 minutes to write and gained over 3 million views, Hopsin takes on the persona of “Hash Brown”, a stereotypical trap rapper who could easily pass for Young Thug, Wayne or any other one of these corny sounding trap mofo’s.

“I literally made the song in 15 minutes — from beat to finished song. Swear to God, not joking. It was so simple. There was nothing to it but a little 808 and snare. I made it in Fruity Loops and I was just like, I’m going to literally say nothing. But I’ma be so swagged out saying nothing, just like how these guys sound. It’s gonna sound like I’m saying something from a distance because the song feels good. But when you pay attention, there’s actually no lyrics said, aside from like, “nigga” and dropping the word “money” here and there. I think I say “diamonds,” too.

Anybody could’ve done that and it would still feel exactly the same because it’s all Auto-Tune and the beat. It’s just to show the creativity process. People always talk crap about me, my music. So I’m like, let me do your music. Let me just make a complete mockery of it and show the entire world that it takes no skill at all.”

Ironically it seems that his attempt to bring focus back to the importance lyrics has backfired, resulting in “No Words” becoming his biggest hit yet. Probably gaining him legions of fans from the exact demographic that he was poking fun at. Lets Just pray that your favourite MC doesn’t try and emulate him, or we could see everyone from Nas to Rakim producing garbled nonsense.

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