ill al skratch creep wit me cd

Ill Al Skratch – Creep Wit’ Me (RARE 1994 OOP)

What started off as a song by Ill Al Skratch on “Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)” soon spawned in to an entire album (of sorts). Released August 2, 1994, Creep Wit’ Me, was an LP that had some appeal with the mainstream as well as the underground heads. They were both smooth, yet rugged! Pimps, but ghetto!

Ill Al Skratch

“Chill With That” and “The Brooklyn Uptown Connection” are tag team efforts that highlight the duo’s chemistry and have a rougher sound. The album also contains 2 solo joints,  Ill’s “Classic Shit” and Al’s “Summertime,” with Al Skratch’s raspy flow being the stand out of the two.

The problem I find with this album is that tracks seem to interlink as if they are remixes of each other, as many songs use similar ear lines and hooks. “I’ll Take Her” featuring Brian McKnight, has a smooth feel and deserves a star all its own but was it really necessary to add yet another remix version? Then we come to “Where My Homiez? (Dub Version) which is basically 6 minutes of pointless instrumental filler.

The production by The LG Experience & Lowrider is decent enough and worthy of recognition but the album overall doesn’t hold enough substance to make it a true classic. Having said that “Wheres My Homiez” will always be a hip hop anthem.


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