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J Dilla video footage reveals Nas was to assist on Biggie’s savage 2Pac diss record

In a 2008 interview with XXL’s now defunct sister magazine, King, Nas reveals that Biggie approached him to team up on 2Pac.

“Yeah, he called me. He said, “Let’s get together”. He said that everyone was a little nervous about it, but he was calling me about getting busy.”

When pressed further about why the collaboration didn’t materialise, Nas put it down to hectic work schedule.

Getting me and Big in the same room wasn’t easy. I had just dropped my record, and my schedule was crazy. Biggie was in Miami recording Life After Death. It was just timing. We were supposed to get together and talk more, so who knows what would have happened.

Pac may be gone and Biggie is no longer around to confirm Nas’s claim but it seems the story holds some weight. It all comes down to a beat that Busta Rhymes purchased from J Dilla. The beat in question was the infamous, “The Ugliest” featuring The Notorious B.I.G, who laid down a savage verse dissing Tupac.


Some interesting amateur J Dilla video footage surfaced recently in which Dilla claims that Biggie wasn’t the only rapper scheduled to appear on the track. According to Dilla, Nas was also lined up to drop a verse but it never materialised.


The infamous track was supposed to be on Busta’s 1996 debut album “The Coming”, but due to Biggie’s shots at Pac, Busta removed it to avoid beef with Pac. Puffy tried to buy the beat from Busta but he didn’t want to sell it.  The track initially turned up as an unofficial leak on various mix tapes before the days of video streaming but now we have youtube.

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