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Kurious – A Constipated Monkey (1994)

Kurious’ debut album “A Constipated Monkey” represents another slept on classic album from the golden era. Half-Cuban, half-Puerto Rican, the Bronx-raised rapper was loved by many hip hop heads, at a time when hip-hop focused on a variety of different lyrical styles and funk & jazz based samples. Tracks like “Uptown Shit” and “Walk Like a Duck” have incredible funky bass lines, as Jorge blesses the mic with his smooth jazzy voice.

“Leave Ya With This” is a standout track, which Jorge dedicates to fallen member Subroc of KMD. The heartfelt lyrics and Jorge’s longing to one day return to the essence to see his friend, can make anyone who lost someone relate.

The horn sample on the hook adds to the melancholy track. Of course the classic cut on this album, “I’m Kurious,” makes great use of The Blackbyrds ultra melodic “Mysterious Vibes (yes the same one used by Paris on his amazing “Days Of Old” 2 years earlier). This cut will have you pressing repeat on your CD player.

“Nikole” finds Kurious rapping about a girl who has played him, and although he mentally suffers, he is over it and looks back in retrospect. Finally, “What’s The Real” has a funky beat as Jorge and Hieroglyphics crew member Casual share lyrical verses together! What more could you ask for?

Production wise, The Beatnuts handle most of the albums bulk, with Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich, the SD50s (aka the Stimulated Dummies), and Bosco Money of Downtown Science each contributing (as well as the Groove Merchantz on a bonus track). This is an outstanding team of producers that provide a focused sound that lives up to their top billing. The beats are lively and appealing, almost every one boasting a potent horn sample, deep bass and hard drum kicks. Pete Nice and Bobbito Garcia are also credited as two executive producers.

Original Columbia copies do pop up on discogs from time to time at reasonable prices. However, Constipated Monkey was also re-released in 2007 onĀ Amalgam Entertainment.

HIP HOP FACT: The album is also notable for being the debut of MF Grimm (aka Grimm Reaper) on the track “Baby Bust It

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