METHUZULAH – House of Halogens

I first discovered Methuzulah from the track ‘Bo Bo Bo’ which was posted on a friends facebook page. The impact of that track quickly prompted me to uncover any other material I could find on the Atlanta native. Up until that point I had never heard of Methuzulah so surely there couldn’t be much material out there? I was shocked to find out that Methuzulah had been grinding on the underground music scene for some time, featuring on many guest spots, ghost writing for other artists, as well as dropping 2 full solo projects! Then I learned that the first of the 2 solo albums “Kemetic Aha” was a kind of “jackin for beats” type project that saw Methuzulah spit napalm verses over familiar Dj Premier anthems. The joint is exceptional and Methuzulah’s flow works seamlessly over Primo beats, but it’s his follow up album that reigns supreme!

Enter the House of Halogens

In the last 10 years I can count on one hand the number of albums that have really stood out and impressed me. I have heard a lot of very good albums but I’m talking about truly great albums. Classic’s like “Illmatic“, game changers like “Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers or more recent modern classics like Little BrothersThe Minsrel Show.” When reviewing a hip hop album all you really have to do is ask yourself one question. Would it hold up against the classics like these? House of Halogens might not be quite an Illmatic but in today’s hip hop climate it certainly shines like one. There are instances throughout the album where Methuzulah pays homage to old school hip hop. One such instance is the incredible track “Childhood Skyline“. Set against a backdrop of haunting female vocal harmonies, Methuzulah recaptures the essence of growing up during the golden era.

“A re-establishment of emotive hip hop”

The albums opening track “The Rain” is a lyrical narration of events in methuzulah’s life from birth to present, and the trials and tribulations that came along the way. The songs concept will really resonate with listeners born in the 70’s and early 80’s.With the passing of time we have all witnessed the changes that unfolded within the music industry. Unless you’re willing to sell your soul and make trend hits in return for shifting units, record deals are a pipe dream. I feel that if Methuzulah had peaked in the mid 90’s just before this rot set in, you would probably be looking at a platinum selling artist. Fortunately there has been a steady uprising over the last couple of years and a whole new non-commercial hip hop scene is starting to re-emerge bringing with it a new generation of fans who are not only appreciating real hip hop, but demanding it!

The album is currently FREE to download, which is criminal when given the quality of the outstanding work contained within.

You can download the album here

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