Here we have the 2 most acclaimed OC albums, Word…life and Jewelz brought together in a ‘limited edition’ collectors box set.

First, a little back-history of how this album box set came about. I had a brief online chat with O.C. a few months back and he revealed that it was in fact an “unofficial” release from a label based out in Australia in which he never actually received any royalties from. The label in question is called “Grindin”, a subsidiary of Central Station Records, whose aim (so they claim) is to get quality hip hop music from both local and overseas artists released in Australia and across the globe. If that wasn’t enough, the Box set was also released in Europe under another subsidiary label known as Altered Ego who’s parent company is Pickwick Group Ltd.

Although the box set was a semi bootleg released in limited numbers, it was available for purchase in all the major retailers at the time of distribution in 2008. The fact that the box set was not official doesn’t really detract from the music contained on within, and if I’m being honest the whole package was given some of the highest quality presentation treatment I’ve seen. The discs themselves are stamped with O.C’s iconic crown logo in a high gloss finish and the packaging contains some linear notes about O.C. himself. It’s clear this set was put together by someone who has respect for both the artist and the art form. Financial and compensatory matters aside I’m sure even Omar himself would be proud of the finished product.

As for the CD content, the first disc contains the full 14 track Word…life album with the addition of 5 extra bonus tracks including 2 “Time’s Up” remixes by Katalyst and DJ Eclipse, an un-credited “Snakes” track, and a demo version of “Ozone”.

Disc two, contains the original 15 track Jewelz album but with the additional bonus tracks;  “Dangerously Making Money” Featuring – Fatman Scoop, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, the Buckwild produced “Burn Me Slow “, “Champagne Thoughts”, and Bonafide
Featuring – Jay-Z. All in all it’s a win win for any O.C. D.I.T.C fans.

Those who know me personally can attest that O.C. places high on my all “time greatest” list! Any serious hip hop head who owns just one of these albums will understand why.

Revered by many among hip hops elite, Omar “OC” Credle or O-Cizzle (as he is also known by in close circles) is an artist that I consider to be an “emcees mc”, meaning other rappers can only hope to aspire to his level of lyrical mastery. This is some achievement when you consider that his most successful spell was during the 90s when hip hop had no shortage of talent and great albums littered the shelves at record stores.

The D.I.T.C native has dropped so many gems and featured with so many heavyweight emcees’ that I could dedicate a whole book! There isn’t really very much for me to say about these 2 classic albums that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before. Check my previous Jewelz review for more on that joint. I might do a stand alone review of Word Life in the future. But for now just know that both are equally impressive testimonies to that golden era New York sound that the 90’s was so famous for.

Have you got a favourite O.C. album?

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