Rage interview with money b

Rage Recalls The Time She Bumped Heads With 2Pac

During an interview on The Goin Way Back Show, Money B, (show host and member of the legendary Digital Underground), talks about a conversation he had with Kurupt regarding 2Pac, saying “you couldn’t really know Pac without eventually bumping heads with him”. He then asks guest interviewee, The Lady Of Rage if she recalls any ‘funny stories’ about her encounters with Pac. The former Death Row queen’s response didn’t appear to be all positive vibes as she recalls an incident were Tupac called her “the weakest link”.

“I was in the studio one night and he came, and before he would flirt with me, mess with me…”yo Rage I don’t like big girls but there’s somethin bout you”. He was playful and all, but this one particular time he’s like…”yo Rage you the weak link”…Now I didn’t take it because I said, why is that?…”because you was the only one standing up for them n****s at the Source awards”. So I said, I don’t think that makes me the weak link, I think that makes me the strong link.”¬†

She then goes on to say how in the end he respected her but due to his obsessive belief that it was east coast connections who were responsible for him getting shot he would persistently encourage her to diss Lil Kim and Foxy Brown in an effort to give more fuel to the east/west coast beef. Watch the video interview below


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