Rappers Need More Will Power As Venomous 2000 Elevates To A Higher Level.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be passed a copy of the new single from Venemous 2000 “Will Power”, taken from his upcoming album “Will To Power”. First of all I would like to mention that myself and the rest of the hip hop foundation have been following V2G for many years. He was one of the first mc’s we covered back when THHF was just a facebook page  and we continue to watch and listen to his releases from across the pond.

I consider Venomous 2000 to be one of the illest mc’s on the indie circuit today and somebody who’s style epitomises what I feel hip hop is all about. His latest release “Will Power” is just further testament of that, with it’s accompanying music video that just oozes all the visual hip hop elements. We even get a glimpse of the God MC himself, (Rakim), as he rocks the same stage.

“Making worldwide connects has only strengthened V’s artillary and he is sounding more and more like a seasoned veteran that has mastered his craft”

The track itself has a title and lead message that’s self explanatory, “Will Power” is Venomous telling his audience that he will succeed and be the best at what he does with nobody out there to stop him or tell him different. I must say It’s refreshing to hear somebody recite these words because I feel the competitive edge and determination to master ones craft has some what disappeared from a lot of todays hip hop music. As long as one stays determined and true to themselves “anything is possible,” and that is exactly how this track makes me feel. It is positive and uplifting and it truly does inspire me when I listen to it. Intelligent lyrics throughout with a bboy sounding beat, courtesy of Alex KidOne from Athens Greece and mind blowing cuts from DJ End K of France.


The B-side “Elevate” produced by The Soul Plugger is a soulful track that is laid back and will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. A real nice sounding beat with more dope sounding cuts that add even more flavour. You can definitely feel Venomous on this one. More meaningful lyrics with a new sense of direction, a new hunger, a new passion to achieve what he has set out to do all these years. Making worldwide connects has only strengthened V’s artillary and he is sounding more and more like a seasoned veteran that has mastered his craft. He is definitely bringing back what hip hop and fans alike have been missing. All I will say is watch this space, going off these offerings I expect big things.

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