Back in 1995, Brownsville’s own Smoothe Da Hustler rocked the underground scene with his self released debut single “Broken Language”. The track was an instant anthem among fans and featured as a hip hop quotable in the November 1995 edition of the Source magazine. The track is noted for it’s creative play on words. The unusual arrangement in which the lyrics are delivered make it one of the most original rap songs of all time.


Fast forward a couple of decades and it’s evident that the song still resonates with today’s artists. Unlike most rap songs, Broken Language has a unique structure and arrangement, meaning that even if you completely change every lyric, the song will still resemble something like the original. This gives the track almost limitless potential for “reinvention”. And that’s exactly what¬†Norfolk, Virginia hip hop duo, “The Rubber Peeple” did with their 2017 retake of the golden era classic!