Ruthless Legacy: Jerry Heller Dead At 75

Former Ruthless records manager Jerry Heller has died at 75 years old. At around 7:30 AM PST — Heller passed away after suffering some sort of medical emergency while driving in Ventura County on Friday just before noon.  Apparently he was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after his car slammed into a van.  It is still not fully understood if he died as a direct result of his injuries or some other medical complications.

Jerry Heller, was both loved and loathed in equal measure. Always the controversial figure, the very mention of his name conjured up images of the typical greedy record executive. Regardless of the controversy, his tenacity and vision helped propel Eazy-E and N.W.A. to the highest heights of stardom, changing the hip hop landscape forever.

I always found Jerry’s interviews facinating and very informative. He always came across as a likeable rogue, and he always told his stories in enthusiastic detail. There is no doubt that hip hop has lost one of it’s most intriguing and enduring characters.

R.I.P Jerry