Scarface: J Prince wanted to Master P the game.

In a recent interview with, legendary Geto Boys front man Scarface was asked to rank his album releases in order of ‘worst to best’. As a life long Geto Boys fan it came as a bit of a shock to hear that Face didn’t actually like the majority of his catalogue, in fact he hated it, especially the Geto Boys album’s. Wtf?

 “I don’t like any of the Geto Boys albums at all. Not one. There isn’t a Geto Boys album that I like. I didn’t learn anything from it, and it was a bad time in life for me too.”  

On first hearing this revelation it kinda took the shine off the memories from the albums that I had held so dear but on further reading it became clear that it wasn’t so much the songs contained on the albums that made Scarface feel a certain way, but more to do with the bad blood and shady business practices that affected him at the time the albums dropped.

“It was just everything else that was around that really fucking just changed the way I felt about shit. Just terrible.”

Face then goes on to make reference to Rap-A-Lot CEO J Prince’s handling in the direction of the labels brand.

As far as some of the records are concerned, The Foundation is an album that I made regretfully. The Good The Bad The Ugly was a fucking trash album. It didn’t have Bushwick on it.”

He then goes on to say how Master P’s huge success had influenced Prince to adopt a similar business model.

“That was a time when Master P was taking over the airways, so J Prince wanted to Master P the game. I was like “wow like we fucked up so bad trying to do Master P when we should’ve just continued to do us.” I feel like that was the fall of Rap-A-Lot Records to me. A lot of people may not see it like that, and some people might have gotten paid but from a creative stand point, trying be like Master P and put out albums every six or seven minutes fucked up our brand. I think greed fucked up the brand.”

Read the entire interview here


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