“I Never liked your little midget ass anyway!”

In an interview wth 247hh.com Scarface recalls the time when Bushwick and Willie D came to blows.

Scarface, Willie D, J Prince, Ready Red and Bushwick Bill had just touched down in Mississippi and entered a Limousine, which Scarface describes as more of a funeral hearse. At some point during the journey, Bushwick became agitated and started ranting about how much he hated the establishment they were attending and that they were a bunch of “trench coat and gangster” pussies. As you can imagine, Willie D was non too pleased, and took Bushwick’s comment as a disrespectful shot aimed at him, and his “Trenchcoats-N-Ganksta hats” song.

“Bill was standing up in the limmosine, and Will was sitting down. That n###a Will came up from the floor of the limousine and hit that nigga Bill in his chin, and that n###a shot up like one of them fuckin knock out punch dogs”