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Should The Previous Geto Boys Members have Been Included In New ‘Crowd Funded’ Album Project?

As the mighty Geto Boys gear up to release their ninth studio album “Habeas Corpus” through a crowd funding campaign, some fans have pointed out that with J Prince no longer in the mix, it’s left the opportunity to include some of the groups previous members.

As the Geto Boys are no longer signed to Rap-A-Lot records, it does beg the question, should the current line up (Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick) have included Dj Ready Red, Big Mike and Johnny C in some way? Or even extended further to include the original founding members Sir Rap-A-Lot, Raheem and Jukeboxx?

Would an historical feature that included all 9 members of Geto Boys/Ghetto Boys (past and present) be an event that the fans would want to see happen or a big no no? Leave a comment below.

  • Christian Ozan Bruckner

    This wi
    ll be the Greatest Akshun of All Times in the Hip Hop History,All GB´S Included !!!

  • Alpha Raw

    If this ever really happened it would be major history in the making. But it’s hard enough to get the current 3 together never mind the other 6. Big Mike killed it on Death do us part. If he jumped back in on a GB album it would be dope

  • Cody Casey

    Yeah Im with Alpha, just getting the big 3 together is luck in itself, I mean, I dont really even know what Jukeboxxx and Raheem sound like? I listen to Assassin the original, then the remade version back to back, and the remake is so absolutely dominating of that original version that It’s just mind boggling, I think it would be a killer idea, maybe if it formed into all of them doing some kind of an album, with only new music done by all of them, and not calling it Geto Boys, but releasing it under some other moniker, kind of like what House Of Pain has done with La Coka Nostra, but im not in favor of anything being released under GB name, that is anything other then the big 3!!