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6 Emcees, 1 DJ, All Female (Beat Bitches – Deadly 7)

Remember the “3 Femcees that male rappers should be afraid of” post we did a while back? Well here are 6 more and they’re all just as deadly on the mic too.

From the perspective of a blogger and music lover, social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Filtering through endless noise to find the quality cuts is a bothersome task at times, but eventually the gems do reveal themselves. My recent find on Instagram was one such occasion, when I stumbled upon an interesting preview to what appeared to be an all female posse cut. As soon as I pressed play and heard the classic 90s style loop, that was befitting of an early Wu Tang joint, I knew I had to dig deeper and find out a little more about these intriguing femcees, A quick google search led me to Katana Da Don’s website, where I found the full track titled Beat Bitches – Deadly 7.

 Beat Bitches; is a collective of 6 emcees, Jamaris, Katana Da Don, CASS, Honey Dinero, Flamez, Reason and one Dj by the name of Honey, The all female super group was the brainchild of Brooklyn rapper Jamaris, who recognised early on that a blending of their individual styles could produce something special.

“Basically, all the ladies in the group were solo emcees who I thought were extremely dope yet all so different, and I asked them to get together to create this all female Hip Hop group. The blending of our individual styles creates something new yet still true to the raw, gritty sounds of original Hip Hop. Part of the vision is that we are represented as these cartoonized Hip Hop characters in our artwork.”  –Jamaris

So far, Deadly 7 is the only release from the project, but Jamaris tells me a full mix tape is due to drop later this year. This first release has some fine production. I love how the beat dramatically switches between verses keeping my head nodding from start to finish. The bars are flames too, and as the song is a conceptual piece, each emcee puts it down with purpose.

“The concept of the song was about each of us representing a certain plague. I was Psychotropic plague, Katana Da Don was Malaria, Cass was Pandemic, Honey Dinero was Black Death, Flamez was Spanish Flu, Reason was Pnuemonic, and DJ Honey was the Mad Scientist. Some members are not permanent but will remain in the mixtape. I’m currently looking for more emcees.”  -Jamaris

If the production stays tight and the bars razor sharp as demonstrated in this initial offering, then I’m expecting great things for the mix tape release. Drop a comment below ⇓


3 Femcees That Male Rappers Should Be Afraid Of

We all have our favourite rappers but most of the online debates are saturated with male emcees. I thought it would make a nice change to give some coverage to the ladies who have also been blessing the mic. Sometimes to greater effect than the fella’s.

Now I’m not talking about the predictable femcees from the 80’s and 90’s. For this post I wanted to present some of the lesser known but equally talented independent artists of the female persuasion that are currently ‘active’ on the scene.  And before all the “Minaj” dick ridah’s jump in screaming “Starships,” I couldn’t give a “Lil Kim” about you. This is a “HIP HOP” website, strictly for the Bahamadia’s and Lin-Que’s among us.

First up….

1. Narubi Selah

This one woman show swept through most of the east coast between 2000-and 2008 with her lyrical ability, claiming the much deserved title “Slam Queen”.  Prior to her 2008 debut on Russell Simmon’s Peabody Award Winning HBO Def Poetry Jam,  she has performed with such notable artists as Mos Def (Yassin Bey), KRS One, Lauryn Hill, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, and Styles P, just to name a few.  Narubi released her debut album “IAM LivingMath” in 2010, and her sophomore album “The Architect in 2012.

 2. StaHHr

The original F.E.M.C.E.E, Empress StaHHr is certainly no stranger to the scene.  She has been officially ripping mics for well over a decade under different aliases and worked with hip hop heavyweights such as MF DOOM, but in typical fashion she still hasn’t gotten the recognition she deserves from the wider hip hop world. You have to understand that StaHHr has earned her stripes. She hasn’t just dipped her toe in to the scene with a few candy rap songs, she has been out in the trenches in street cyphers and rap battles. Go up against this lyrical vixen unprepared and you will have your balls handed to you.

3. Sa-Roc

Sa-Roc is another Atlanta femcee who is at the forefront of the GodHop Movement. The effortless flow in which she delivers her rhymes will make you literally gasp in awe. The only reason I can think of why this girl hasn’t blown up already is simply down to the actual content of the songs. “Gates Of Ishtar and Code Of Hammurabi” may be just a little too obscure for the wider audience. Having said that, even the most culturally ignorant individual will find it impossible to deny her flawless lyrical ability.

Now name your top femcees in the comments section below