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Lead Track From New Realz Album Is A Priceless Hip Hop Jewel That You Must Hear

Realz (formally I-Realz), is probably NY’s best kept secret. A white rapper, but unlike your stereotypical Caucasian battle rhymer, Realz is more akin to RZA than Eminem. This is especially evident in his lyrical content, as he interlaces abstract, metaphysical concepts to create vivid street analogies, and all with a razor sharp flow and witty delivery.

I first heard Realz on a track called “Solar Flarez”, featuring Cannibal Ox heavyweight and fellow Crimson God, Vast Aire. From that moment I was a fan. Realz is the kind of emcee outside the golden era that could be entrusted to carry the culture in to the next decade, and I think he has the persona to reach a wide audience without diluting a drop of integrity.

Now on to the main feature of this post. “Put Jewels On It” is the lead track taken straight from Realz new  album, “Blue Lion Chamber,” which he dropped on us earlier this month. The track, is produced by Wu Tang affiliate producer, “Falling Down”, and features a blazing verse from Vast Aire and some majestic cuts from DJ Afar.

This could quite literally be one of the greatest hip hop tracks you are ever likely to hear, as the chances of stumbling on a track this good in a social media sea of musical mediocrity are slim. Enjoy….

Grab a copy of Blue Lion Chamber