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Venomous 2000 – Will To Power (Album Review)

For those who don’t know, Venomous 2000 hails from Jersey and has been dropping gems for some time now. I know this may sound cliché but people be sleeping on V2G but I think that may be about to change with his latest release. Just to give you a little background information I first heard Venomous 2000 a few years back when checking out some new underground hip hop online. The track was “Rock The Bells” and I knew then that V had something special that needed to be heard. I can honestly say from that moment Venomous 2000 was somebody I wanted to hear more of.

The first thing that strikes you, even before you press play, is the album cover itself. You can’t help but notice how much thought and effort has gone into the superb cartoon style cover art which ties in perfectly with the albums theme. Very reminiscent of a time when you bought an album and the first thing you would do is read the inserts and glance over the images on your way home, eager to pop the CD in the deck and put it on blast. The last thing I want to mention is this is a dual case release, no digipak. Hallelujah!!!!

Although my first love is hip hop music, I like listening to a lot of different genres and appreciate music in general and that is why this album is so appealing from the opening track. It is not a typical sounding hip hop album and I love that. It pushes boundaries and has that element of originality that is often missing from today’s hip hop releases. The production is top notch and I think V building in Europe has added a new dimension to his overall sound. There are a large variety of producers that have blessed this project with their beat making skills. Robot Orchestra (Germany), DJ Manipulator (Boston), Rav P (Boston), AlexKidOne (Greece), Marshtini (Norway), Trillian (Serbia), Sizemen (France), Mentplus (Jersey), Chopzilla (Indianapolis), The Soul Plugger (Stockholm, Astronote (France) all feature on this project and are all producers to look out for in the future.

venomous2000 album art

The opening track titled “All You Need” is an uplifting track about self-belief and having all the tools within you to succeed through the hardships. Don’t let people take away your dreams by telling you, you can’t achieve them. A very cool song with a great message. The production is hypnotic and makes you really feel the lyrics.

I reviewed the lead single “Will Power” a few months ago and I still feel the same about it. I consider this to be a future b-boy anthem. The production is fast paced and has hip hop written all over it. It oozes the elements of the culture and ‘DJ End K’ blows the spot with the cuts. Again, the lyrics from V are motivating and uplifting and all walks of life can easily relate.

Venomous 2000 really turns up the heat on “Stormy Nights” and shows a different side by singing a melodic hook which is a refreshing change. The beat is chilled and laid back and the lyrics are fire. You could quite easily place yourself in a dimly lit bar or club on a summer evening taking in a few drinks listening to this track.

“Still keep it street techniques like all my ninja’s do, highly dependable, reaching for my pinnacle, musical orgasms without touching genitals”.

Although near impossible to pick out any low points on this album it is far more easy to pull out the high points and one in particular is “Elemental”. Again, major props on the production as the deep bass beat on this amazing track builds in to a neck-snapping frenzy! This is for the hip hop purists and the culture. Mc’s, DJ’s, B-boys, B-Girls, graff artists, stand up!!! V captures the scene with clever lyrics and punchlines throughout, while DJ End K adds perfect cuts to make this track complete. You can’t forget Bam dropping knowledge about the elements of hip hop on the outro.

Venomous hooks up with Methuzulah and Marie Kanu on “Reflect on Music” one of the few features of the album. A deep track were V and Methuzulah trade verses with meaningful lyrics offering plenty food for thought. Marie Kanu adds the hook with her beautiful yet powerful voice. Another faultless track.

“The People Want More” is a banger from start to finish. It has a lovely guitar sample and slamming drums. DJ End K kills the cuts as he does in all his features. The topic is in the title, make a stand and embrace change, stop talking and do something. You can kind of take V’s lyrics into all kinds of life situations. Venomous 2000 delivers more positive uplifting words, done with skill, style and finesse.

V2G gives an insight on his inner thoughts and emotions and what inspires him when it comes to being a mc, performing, recording tracks and writing rhymes on “Watch the Pen Smoke”. V speaks on his craft and growing rather than blowing up and how important it is to him bringing his best to the table and giving his listeners what they want. “I think about my audience, don’t want to sound defensive. Words get distorted in the centre of my orbit, cuz sometimes I aim to uplift but sound morbid”. V spits flames and rarely pauses to draw breath between bars. The beat is aggressive with a thumping bass line as well as DJ End K’s cuts using some fitting vocal samples. Another thumbs up.

Another stand out track for me is “I’ll See You When I Get There”. The production is smooth and laid back and actually gives me chills every time I hear it. I’m pretty sure the vocal sample at the beginning is Talib Kweli, I may be wrong. The vocal comes in and sets the tone “Our mission, we intercept your transmission bringing exactly what the fans missing” as the beat kicks in perfectly. V’s flow is like butter “hey yo, the youth looking nappy, happy, glad their in my presence, like the teacher, the blast master bringing you the essence.” Awesome.

More happy-feel good lyrics and an all-round nice positive vibe on “Already Gone” featuring some nice female vocals from the Candelarias. Here V hands out more life skills for the listener. Grab life with both hands and don’t waste your time is the message here.

venomous eagle eyeVenomous shares his conscious side on “Now Justice” (NJ) and his concerns with ignorance, struggle, world affairs, media, systems and governments. Venomous demonstrates spiritual beliefs on “Force of The Orisha”. He shares stories of life growing up in New Jersey on “Is Life Fair” “The Great Escape” explains the need to get away from the negativity and stresses of daily life. All of which are as dope as the rest of the album in all categories.
My conclusion, this album has something for everyone and something for everyone to relate too. A well balanced album with dope meaningful lyrics, dope beats and dope cuts. V2G really shines from start to finish and the growth he has shown over the last few years as an artist and particularly on this album is phenomenal. You can tell a lot of hard work, time and effort has gone into the making of this joint and it shows in the quality of all the tracks. Even the intro’s and outro’s are dope. The artwork is cool as already mentioned. I can’t honestly fault this album in any way. The production is super tight and sways from the typical sounding hip hop production in spells which to me is refreshing and original. If you’re into scratching like myself you’ll enjoy DJ End K’s contributions, he displays awesome sounding scratches and cuts on all his features. If you’re looking for an album that pushes boundaries and displays elements of originality while keeping the fundamental elements of a dope sounding hip hop album intact then you will enjoy this release. This album taps into your emotions and makes you really feel its contents, an album that in my opinion will definitely last the test of time.


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