WiseRap – “Cut The Belly” (UK and US Collab)

I was sifting through my emails when this landed in my inbox. There was no additional information included with it other than a title and a video link. Turns out to be a nice little UK/US collaboration. Check it out

@WiseRap Presents – Cut The Belly (NY Fire a USA TO UK Colab with 050 Boyz)

Produced By @NYBangers @PrinceAk_050 @RiqDaKId_050 @egofree2_050 also UKs Zico and Cryptic

Edited by: Sunchilde – Twitter @x2sun 

Buy The New God Lp – https://www.wiserap.bandcamp.com 
iTunes and google play too.

One thought on “WiseRap – “Cut The Belly” (UK and US Collab)”

  1. Wasn’t sure about this at first. Thought that light skinned brotha rapped a bit slow but then it picked up. Nice posse cut

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