Wrath Of The Siafu – Various Artists (Music Video)

Here we have a track of epic proportions! Some of Atlanta’s finest emcees came out in force to deliver a ‘sonic-boom’ of a track! After only a couple of listens it is fast becoming a personal favourite of mine and is sure to be a classic!

“A Sonic-Boom of a Track”

Wrath of the Siafu is the first release from the soundtrack to the up coming documentary “Organizing is the new cool” and features a solid line up of independent artists including;  Zayd Malik, El Sun, Ekundayo, Methuzulah, Mike Flo, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, FluxWonda, Isreal, Sa Roc, Chosen and StaHHr.

This gathering of 11 microphone warriors is the symbolic representation of the documentary it’s associated with.  The track opens with an introduction to the ‘African Siafu ant’ that I found very reminiscent of “Da Lench Mob’s” 1992 classic “Guerillas in the mist” which used a similar type intro from a David Attenborough documentary.  This really add’s to the theme and set’s the backdrop for when the rhymes drop in, and man do they drop! Just a few seconds in to the first verse and it quickly becomes clear that your listening to  something truly special.

The song is currently being offered as a FREE download so you really don’t have any excuses not to sample this modern classic. I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Produced by Dynamite Bruhz Cutz by DJ Presyce Recorded, Mixed by Amond Jackson for Salem Psalms LLC

About the Siafu

The Siafu is the logo of community activists’ organization FTP Movement, an artistic representation of the Siafu Ant of Eastern Africa, a species that exemplifies the essence of teamwork. The Siafu has no eyes and no venom – only strong jaws. Individually each is small, but as a team they can strip a water buffalo down to the bone in less than an hour. FTP Movement is much like the Siafu Ant – small in size, but powerful beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “Wrath Of The Siafu – Various Artists (Music Video)”

  1. Dope song! Nice to hear something so Intelligent coming out of the south instead of the trap garbage. They’re so many ill MCs in the south but can’t get heard because they aren’t doing that other bullshit. SCOTT THE GREAT to me just steals the song. Everybody does their thing NO DOUBT but his verse, flow and Candace is that of a season mic pro. Dope song.

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