Yamin Semali – Monday/Friday (ALBUM REVIEW)

There are so many quality artists that fly under my hip hop radar, which is why I love the Hip Hop Foundation (a little shameless website promotion there). As a self-dubbed hip hop aficionado, I always take pleasure in discovering dope MC’s but with so many out there that don’t get the recognition they deserve, I’ve been put on to a lot of really good MC’s just through my affiliation with this site. One such artist is East Point, Georgia based MC Yamin Semali.

In the same vein that West Coast MC’s such as Digital Underground and Souls Of Mischief stifled the stereotype that all West Coast music was of the “gangsta” variation in the early 90s, Yamin is one of a plethora of Georgia MC’s that provides an alternative for the popular “trap” music that the Peach state has become generally known for in the last decade. Yamin’s style is a nice blend of consciousness and “everyman” music. His third release “Monday-Friday” is a smooth, ride through this MC’s philosophies on life, which includes jewels on everything from straight up knowledge with tracks such as “Prometheus” and “Top Of The 9th” to the temptations men deal with in the opposite sex on “Big Eyes (Ode To Tracee Ross)”. The production here is top notch from Illastrate who provides a cohesive sound that ties the songs together nicely. These beats are as good as any I’ve heard and provide a great backdrop for Yamin’s melodic flow and dope lyricism.

A major point for me is Yamin kept this album streamlined at 12 tracks (one is an instrumental). In today’s A.D.D. world with so many things to grab people’s attention, an album with too many tracks may get overlooked or passed on but here, less is definitely more. I think we’ve just generally gotten past the period of 17 to 20 track albums where 30 to 50% of the album is obvious filler. Give the people the best of the best and the value of an album rises significantly. I really can’t find any qualms with this album. Maybe a bigger track that could stand alone as a single but you know what? Give me a solid album from front to back any day. Dope album,definitely worth checking out.


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