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Yamin Semali – Yamin

Set sail on a musical journey and rediscover the fundamentals of what makes hip hop, “hip hop.”

From the “Yamintro” to the final “Live in Your Day,” it is clear right from the outset that this is a very personal album with intimate insights in to Yamin’s world and the thought process behind his music.  At times abstract, but clear in its intention.  Words on this disc both challenge and sooth, they bring the listener home, and then slam the front door, song after song.

 “from the point but is about to bring the east back.”

YAMIN COVERListen and you’ll find an enlightening experience as Yamin moves you beyond the  stereotypical hats turned backwards, and boxers hovering way above the leather belt. Track’s like “So Much” will have you questioning your perspective on life with ironic scenarios we can all relate with. I sense elements of Outkast which is hardly surprising given that Yamin is “from the point but is about to bring the east back.”  If you like clever lyrics that play on words, this album is filled with them.

Something else that struck me whilst listening to the album is the similarities in vocal tone between Yamin and The Pharcyde’s Slimkid3. Both have the ability to sing-rap an ill verse as well as straight rapping.

Of course no hip hop album would be complete without other artists stopping by to spit a verse or two.  Appearances  coming by way of Boog Brown, Truth Be Cold, Lyric Jones, Blc Txt, Gotta Be Karim, Chop, John Robinson and of course fellow Clan Destined member DT. I think Yamin has struck the right balance here unlike a lot of other rap albums that overwhelm you with cameo appearances to the point that you forget which artist you’re actually listening to!

Stand out tracks for me in addition to the excellent title track of the album are the already mentioned “So Much,” “Are You Sure” and “More Than Kings,”  The heavy percussion layerd “Never Leave” will slap you until you run out of cheeks, but it does it well and you will be grateful for the mark it leaves on you!

If you like hip hop with soul then don’t hesitate to pick this one up.  Yamin has raised the vibration where argument becomes debate, and love is more than just sweaty sex. To sum it all up this is hip hop gold. You smacked this one out of the park, Yamin. Now spin it again for me brother!

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